Ascentis CarePoint Timeclock Technology

Ascentis CarePointe Timeclock Technology. Graphic of timeclock and a worker wearing a facemask.

The Mason-McBride team recently met with Ascentis, a workforce management and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions company. They shared their first-to-market product with us — Ascentis CarePoint timeclock technology.


Ascentis CarePointe Timeclock Technology: A COVID-19 Workplace Solution


Ascentis CarePoint offers touch-free thermal temperature readings and timeclock voice command functionality (such as punch-ins) to support a safe and productive work environment.


We were impressed with CarePoint. It’s a fantastic technology designed to protect your employees while managing new office policies, sanitation practices, and social distancing requirements.


Timeclock utilization is one of the most shared devices in the office. Perhaps it’s time to consider a touch-free solution in your workplace.


CarePoint Timeclock Technology is a Workplace Solution for Workforce Safety


As businesses slowly start to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic, workers will return to something approaching a “new normal”.

As a result, workforce safety is foremost on the minds of everyone involved.


Ascentis CarePoint timeclock technology helps companies embrace this new normal and keep their workforces safe with unique features:
  • Thermal temperature checker and symptom identification
  • Voice command actions for a touchless timeclock experience
  • Bluetooth beacon technology to track employees’ locations and eliminate the need for cards to interact with timeclocks.


See how your organization could improve workforce safety while removing disruptions to current workplace operations.


Here’s a 56-second video that shows you more.


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