COVID-19 Return to Work Plan

COVID-19 return to work plan. Photo of an empty office. meeting room with brick walls.

Managing Your Business’ COVID-19 Response in the New Normal: Return to Work Plan

Returning to the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be easy. Employers and employees will experience a new normal in daily work life. From employee health screening procedures and scheduling employee split shifts to the reconfiguration of workspaces, there are many considerations for business owners and management teams to ponder and plan. This includes a COVID-19 return to work plan.

Reopening could be daunting for business owners striving to keep their doors open while adding another layer of complexity to their busy days. And, ultimately, the reopening process will be a marathon, not a sprint.

While there are hundreds of checklists and online articles regarding workplace safety and important items to remember, using these checklists and creating guidelines will still take precious time if you want to create a long-lasting system that’s organized and accurate.

And, tasking the Human Resources department or asking your resident technology expert to create specialty programs and procedures can cut into valuable resources. That’s where an online module, accessible anywhere and at any time, can be of tremendous assistance to a company’s team, regardless of size.

Mason-McBride continuously strives to be an advisor and seeks effective business solutions. We’ve found unique flexibility in Aclaimant and their complementary COVID-19 Basic Response Module offering. No catches, no gimmicks, no credit cards required. It’s actually free for all companies to use with continuous access through March 31, 2021.

We’ve identified that Aclaimant’s COVID-19 Basic Response Module will be of great assistance to businesses reopening and operating in this new normal. Their Basic Response Module includes:
• Incident reports for documenting symptomatic employees at the workplace, including follow up actions and tracking individuals who have interacted with symptomatic employees
• Two templated safety checklists, including site inspections and observational behavior forms based on current workplace recommendations
• An easy-to-understand analytics dashboard
• COVID-19 United States Pandemic Monitoring, updated in real-time
• Access to add notes and upload files
• Unlimited number of company users
• Help center access and limited chat support

Utilizing Aclaimant’s COVID-19 Basic Response Module gives businesses the power to control incident data as well as maintain accurate and complete documentation. It’s a fantastic addition to your COVID-19 return to work plan.

Businesses that are flexible, adaptable, and forward-thinking will survive these pandemic challenges. Aclaimant helps businesses remain agile during uncertain times. Obtain instant access to your COVID Basic Response Module with a few keystrokes – and no strings attached – here.

Learn more about Aclaimant’s full risk management product from our blog post.

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