Questionable Insurance Marketing Tactics

Photo of traffic and question mark graphic. Questionable insurance marketing tactics.

Recently, clients have made us aware of aggressive and questionable auto insurance marketing tactics and premium savings promises in marketing material sent to them by various companies.

These materials include promises of “extremely high discounts” and “reductions of 50%.” One promised even more discounts if you didn’t have “operating under the influence” (DUI) charges. Of course, they fail to mention that if you did have a DUI, your auto insurance premium would already be materially higher than its current level.

Some of these marketing tactics use the current Michigan No-Fault reform as the reason for all these potential discounts and savings. That is simply not true.

The truth: there will be some savings automatically triggered for the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCAA) portions for policies with effective dates after July 2, 2020 even if you do nothing at all.

Additional cost reduction can be achieved under the PIP coverage, but only if you reduce your level of protection that is currently in place. While that certainly may be an option depending on your personal situation, we urge everyone to review the educational material we provide:

Watch our No-Fault video series:

Additionally, please call one of our Personal Risk Advisors if you have further questions. We’re here to help you navigate through the complexity of these changes.

Thank you,
Amy Mathis
Operations Manager, Mason-McBride

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