Photo of W. Michael McBride, President

W. Michael McBride

Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Jamie Parry, Senior Vice President

James "Jamie" Parry Jr.

VP Marketing & Sales
Amy J. Purcilly

Amy J. Purcilly

Senior Vice President - Employee Benefits
Photo of Tom Coburn, Senior Vice President

Thomas D. Coburn

Senior Vice President
Photo of Scott McBride, Secretary/Treasurer

Scott McBride

Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Leslie Bartz, Controller

Leslie J. Bartz


Amy Mathis

Operations Manager
Photo of Jeff Jardine, Executive Producer

Jeff Jardine

Executive Producer
Photo of Mickayla Wilson, Personal Lines Account Manager

Mickayla Wilson

Lead Personal Risk Advisor
Photo of Karly Smith, Personal Lines Account Manager

Karly Smith

Personal Risk Advisor
Photo of Chloe Siedzik, Personal Lines Account Manager

Chloe Scott

Personal Risk Advisor
Photo of Tamya Wilson, Commercial Lines Processor

Tamya Wilson

Commercial Risk Advisor
Photo of Helene Parry, Benefits Account Manager

Helene Parry

Benefits Account Manager
Photo of Carrie Penzien

Carrie Penzien

Benefits Account Manager
Photo of Candius Stearns, Benefits Consultant

Candius M. Stearns

Benefits Consultant
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