Strategic Partnerships


Keystone is a community of independent insurance agencies that are in business to provide clients across the nation peace of mind where they live and work. This organization offers the highest level of expertise and insight into the insurance industry. With Keystone, we are not alone because we are working independently, together.

What’s in it for you?

Our agency is part of a tight-knit network of independent agencies striving to be the best in the industry. We collaborate together so we are always able to offer you the best, most innovative solutions. Being a member of Keystone gives us access to a pool of exclusive knowledge which allows our agency to continue to learn and grow daily. This partnership allows us to join forces with the best in the industry to offer you creative solutions for any challenge you may face.

Keystone is a national-level connection that makes us stronger so we can better serve you. Being an independent agency, we are not bound to sell you and specific products or services. We provide our clients with solutions that best fit their needs. Being a partner with Keystone, we can continually add tools and resources to our agency to continue to develop our team. We are all stronger with Keystone.


Aclaimant™ is an enterprise incident management system designed to help save clients time and money on workplace incidents and insurance. This unique platform engages the employee, employer, and the insurance carrier in making workplace incidents everyone’s responsibility. Mason-McBride, Inc., is proud to be an advisor in the development of this state-of-the-art platform, and the first agency enterprise provider in Michigan. Please contact us or consult with your Account Executive to seek further information on how this system can make a difference in your insurance risk management program.

Mason-McBride Capital Advisors, LLC

Mason-McBride Capital Advisors, LLC* gives you the Total Return Process®, with custom-designed plans that seamlessly integrate your legal, tax, insurance, and investment strategies to create an appropriate solution for all of your financial needs. We walk you through a comprehensive 5-step process that takes you from information gathering and analysis to plan implementation and long-term management to work toward your financial ambition.

Preserving your investments and planning your financial future takes the careful assistance of experienced specialists, who know how to effectively assemble just the right components to serve your needs. Our consultants provide you with the facts and offer solid options and guidance. We are your resource for wealth preservation and savings strategies, and for investing and planning. We seek to help you to protect your future, and the future of those you love.

*Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. Financial planning offered through Mason-McBride Capital Advisors LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. The Advisors of Mason-McBride Capital Advisors LLC are registered to conduct securities business in the following states: MI, IL, OH. Mason-McBride Inc. is not affiliated with Mason-McBride Capital Advisors LLC or LPL Financial.

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