Ascentis CarePoint Timeclock Technology

Ascentis CarePointe Timeclock Technology. Graphic of timeclock and a worker wearing a facemask.

The Mason-McBride team recently met with Ascentis, a workforce management and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions company. They shared their first-to-market product with us — Ascentis CarePoint timeclock technology.   Ascentis CarePointe Timeclock Technology: A COVID-19 Workplace Solution   Ascentis CarePoint offers touch-free thermal temperature readings and timeclock voice command functionality (such as punch-ins) to support […]

Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agents

Photo of business meeting with woman and man. Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents logo.

Trusted Choice® independent insurance agents hold themselves to some unusually high standards you will not find elsewhere — because you’re a person, not a policy.  Mason-McBride, Inc., is a proud member of Trusted Choice® independent insurance agents. We’d like to explain more about our commitment to our clients and the Trusted Choice® Pledge of Performance. […]

Questionable Auto Insurance Marketing Tactics

Photo of traffic and question mark graphic. Questionable insurance marketing tactics.

Recently, clients have made us aware of aggressive and questionable auto insurance marketing tactics and premium savings promises in marketing material sent to them by various companies. These materials include promises of “extremely high discounts” and “reductions of 50%.” One promised even more discounts if you didn’t have “operating under the influence” (DUI) charges. Of […]

COVID-19 Return to Work Plan

COVID-19 return to work plan. Photo of an empty office. meeting room with brick walls.

Managing Your Business’ COVID-19 Response in the New Normal: Return to Work Plan Returning to the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be easy. Employers and employees will experience a new normal in daily work life. From employee health screening procedures and scheduling employee split shifts to the reconfiguration of workspaces, there are many considerations […]

Recent Events and Terrorism

Photo of a broken window

Recent events around protests, civil unrest, riots, and looting have reminded us of the importance of properly constructed property insurance. One notable element was President Trump’s recent declaration of ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization and the potential effect that may have on the property insurance exclusion language related to terrorism. In addition, could that […]

Indemnification and Hold Harmless Language in the COVID-19 Era

Photo of a desk with two people signing a contract

We have become aware of instances whereby certain indemnification and hold harmless language in contracts are being modified to include exposure for COVID-19 resulting from any property condition or your employees at a location. We urge clients to carefully review these provisions as counterparties may be modifying them without notice. Accordingly, please seek counsel as […]

Aclaimant: The Insight-Driven Workflow Solution for Safety and Risk Management

Photo of Gary Pearce from Aclaimant.

Managing your risk environment with Mason-McBride and Aclaimant As risk advisors, all of us at Mason-McBride see a considerable challenge for today’s businesses: managing their risk environment effectively. We notice that organizations need to keep pace with ever-changing workplace scenarios. It’s difficult! Plus, it’s a never-ending proposition for risk managers, business owners, and employees. Mason-McBride […]

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