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Material Misrepresentation in Insurance

Photo of legal scales and judge gavel. Material misrepresentation in insurance.

Material misrepresentation in insurance happens, even if it’s accidental. It’s important to properly document and disclose accurate facts when obtaining or renewing insurance policies. Otherwise, you could be in danger of material misrepresentation, leading to possible issues if you ever have to settle an insurance policy dispute. We have two examples of recent court cases […]

Replacement Cost of Your Home: New Factors

Photo of home exterior

When your homeowner’s insurance policy renews, there are a few factors to keep in mind about the replacement cost of your home. You may see an increase in your replacement cost from your carrier this year. So, we are providing a deeper dive into the reasons for the possible increases. Reasons for Possible Increases in […]

Spring Home Safety Checklist

Photo of backyard deck in springtime.

Spring is arriving soon and before you can enjoy the blooming and flowers and singing birds, take some time to do some home safety maintenance projects that’ll keep your home in great shape for the coming warmer weather. This spring home safety checklist can help you get started and keep you from forgetting anything important! […]

Value Replacement Cost vs. Market Value

insurance-to-value replacement cost. Picture of man holding a small house with paperwork in front of him.

Today, we’ll discuss insurance-to-value replacement cost vs. market value.  Every homeowner needs home insurance. But, this type of insurance can be confusing and leave you asking questions. With defining terms such as insurance-to-value replacement cost, reconstruction cost, and market value, homeowners might be comparing these definitions to the current market value of their homes. The […]

What is a Personal Cyber Insurance Policy?

personal cyber security close up of computer keyboard

What is a Personal Cyber Insurance Policy? A personal cyber insurance policy is designed to provide financial reimbursement for costs associated with digital information theft and assets up to your cyber insurance policy’s limits.   Should I Consider a Personal Cyber Insurance Policy? Even though we see news stories and articles about online cyberattacks on […]

Myths About Life Insurance Dispelled

Myths about life insurance. Family in park, watching a sunset

There are myths about life insurance. The idea of shopping for a life insurance policy can seem morbid, suspicious, and confusing. Plus, there are a lot of misconceptions about the value life insurance offers, how to buy it, and what the policy rules are. However, if the idea of protecting your family and ensuring their […]

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Photo of a woman with children, each carrying umbrellas on a country road.

You may have heard of the term “umbrella insurance policy.” Is this type of insurance something you need to consider as part of your insurance plan? Do you really need umbrella insurance? We’ll answer frequently asked questions about umbrella insurance so you can make informed decisions for your situation.   What is Umbrella Insurance? Umbrella […]

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