What is a Personal Cyber Insurance Policy?

A personal cyber insurance policy is designed to provide financial reimbursement for costs associated with digital information theft and assets up to your cyber insurance policy’s limits.

Should I Consider a Personal Cyber Insurance Policy?

Even though we see news stories and articles about online cyberattacks on corporations and other businesses, we never think a cyberattack could happen to us. But think about it: we put ourselves at risk daily using the internet.

From computers and smartphones to connected home devices, we use and rely upon these technologies. In turn, this creates opportunities for cyber attackers to infiltrate your home. They access your data, steal your information, extort money, and commit fraud in your name.

That’s why we suggest looking at Personal Cyber Insurance, especially as we spend more time online and increase our online shopping for the holidays.

There are different types of personal cyber protection to consider.

Types of Personal Cyber Insurance Protection


Cyberattack protection is designed to pay to recover data and restore systems that have been lost or damaged due to a cyberattack — including attacks involving malware or unauthorized use of owned or leased computers, mobile devices, and connected home devices. Covered devices include computers, security monitoring systems, smartphones, smart appliances, tablets, thermostats, and wi-fi-enabled devices.


Cyberextortion protection is designed to provide payments and professional assistance in responding to cyber extortion demands based on a credible threat to damage, disable, deny access to, or disseminate content from devices, systems, or data, including ransomware attacks.

Online Fraud

Online Fraud coverage is designed to cover online fraud that results in a direct financial loss, including counterfeit currency, forgery, illegal bank transfers, credit card transfers, and phishing schemes.

Picture This: Real-Life Scenarios

Perhaps you think that a cyberattack would never happen in your household. We’d like to share a few real-life scenarios to consider.

Scenario #1: Trojan Horse Sneaking through an Email

The insured opened a file attached to an email that appeared to be from an old friend. Unfortunately, the attachment turned out to contain a virus that infected their computer.
Result: A technical support expert reformatted the hard drive, reinstalled the operating system, and restored data from a backup.
Total Covered Loss: $1,500

Scenario #2: Dream Vacation Turned Nightmare in a Rental Scam

A family planned their dream vacation to the Cayman Islands. Online, they found a beautiful rental home with a private beach and hurried to book their stay. They paid the deposit, but several days passed without any communication from the rental company.
Upon further investigation, the family discovered the home they booked didn’t exist.
Result: The family carried personal cyber coverage, which paid for the fraudulent $1,000 “deposit.”
Total covered loss: $1,000

Real-Life Scenario #3: Intercepted Emails, Stolen Funds

The insured received an email from his sister in Paris requesting a loan. He wired almost $2,000 to her. A few days later, the insured received a second email requesting an additional $4,700, which he also sent. When the insured called his sister, she told him she hadn’t received either payment. At that point, the insured realized that his emails had been intercepted. He called his bank to stop the wire transfer, but the money had already been withdrawn.
Result: The insured’s Personal Cyber Protection policy covered the cost of the wire transfers as well as the costs of restoring the insured’s computer system.
Covered Online Fraud Loss: $6,000
Covered Cyber Attack Loss: $250

Now’s the time to defend yourself from personal cyberattacks.
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