Mason-McBride and Aclaimant Partner to Enhance Risk Management Services

Date September 19th, 2023

Troy, Michigan– Mason-McBride, a prominent name in the insurance industry known for innovative risk management solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Aclaimant, a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) software provider. This collaboration aims to enhance claims reporting and analytics capabilities for Mason-McBride’s clients by leveraging Aclaimant’s advanced technology platform.

By integrating Aclaimant’s platform, Mason-McBride can now offer clients enhanced real-time data analytics and claims reporting. This technology-driven approach, strengthened by Mason-McBride’s trusted expertise, enables businesses to make data-backed decisions to reduce risk exposures like never before.

“Helping our clients evolve their Risk Management program has always been a cornerstone strategy for us,” said Andy Clark, VP of Commercial Lines at Mason-McBride. “Adding this state-of-the-art platform vaults this initiative to a revolutionary level. We’re leveraging unique drill-down analytics to uncover key performance indicators to manage risk proactively. It removes the guesswork when deciding which safety improvements an organization should prioritize.”

“This new offering will empower businesses to take control of their data, champion safety, and engage in active risk management,” said Mike McBride, Mason-McBride’s CEO. “We blend advocacy, technology, and expertise to pave the way for a more secure future.”

By blending advocacy, technology, and expertise, Mason-McBride and Aclaimant lead a new era of proactive, insight-driven risk management. This collaboration enables businesses to overcome challenges, safeguard their future, and move towards a safer workplace.

About Mason-McBride:
Mason-McBride Insurance is a renowned name in the insurance industry, recognized for innovative risk management solutions and exceptional client service. Committed to maximizing clients’ ability to mitigate risk exposures, Mason-McBride leverages extensive carrier relationships and advanced technology to enhance workplace safety and drive growth.

About Aclaimant:
Aclaimant is a leading Risk Management Information System software provider that empowers businesses to identify vulnerabilities, streamline claims management, and enhance workplace safety. With a dedication to merging technology and risk management expertise, Aclaimant assists organizations in making informed decisions to manage risks and unlock growth potential effectively.