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Cyberattacks: Big Problem for Small Business

Cyberattack criminal

Cybercrime is one of the most rapidly emerging exposures to any business today. While larger organizations have sophisticated protection to fight cyberattacks, small and medium-sized companies have become the primary targets for hackers. Such claims can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and require pricey forensic investigations that take several weeks to complete. However, being […]

How Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Against Cyber Risk

finger touching multi-factor authentication screen

Multi-Factor Authentication sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication, is a cybersecurity measure that requires users to confirm multiple factors verifying their identity before accessing a network or system. Generally, users must provide a password, verify access by inputting a code sent to another device or confirm access with biometric data such as a fingerprint. Unfortunately, those […]

Commercial Crime Insurance

Commercial Crime Insurance. Graphic of the word crime.

Business owners may believe they only need basic commercial insurance coverage, but it’s wise to investigate obtaining coverage for a commercial crime insurance policy. Even with the most trusted of employees managing and operating your business, can you afford to take the chance? Commercial Crime Insurance Real-Life Example In May 2020, our team at Mason-McBride […]

Protecting Your Building for Winter Vacancy

Photo of winter city street

It’s typical to prepare for the cold and snow as a part of your winter maintenance routine. But things might look a little different this year if your building is vacant or only partially occupied because of COVID-19 or another reason. However, any changes in occupancy should not affect the care and management of your […]

Five Ransomware Developments — and What’s Next

Five recent developments in ransomware and what to expect next - code on screen in shape of a skull

While most people know the basics of ransomware, the details of this threat – like all aspects of cybersecurity – are constantly evolving with new developments. Learn about the trends and what to expect next. In this post by Nick Graf, Assistant Vice President, Information Security, Risk Control at CNA Insurance, Graf discusses recent changes […]

Ascentis CarePoint Timeclock Technology

Ascentis CarePointe Timeclock Technology. Graphic of timeclock and a worker wearing a facemask.

The Mason-McBride team recently met with Ascentis, a workforce management and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions company. They shared their first-to-market product with us — Ascentis CarePoint timeclock technology.   Ascentis CarePointe Timeclock Technology: A COVID-19 Workplace Solution   Ascentis CarePoint offers touch-free thermal temperature readings and timeclock voice command functionality (such as punch-ins) to support […]

Face Masks and Respirators in the Workplace

Photo of a man wear a face mask and carrying a backpack

As the national economy reopens, an unprecedented number of workers will be required to wear face masks and/or respirators in the workplace for the first time, due to COVID-19. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (the Act), employers must provide a safe work environment for their workers. For many, this will include properly training […]

COVID-19 Return to Work Plan

COVID-19 return to work plan. Photo of an empty office. meeting room with brick walls.

Managing Your Business’ COVID-19 Response in the New Normal: Return to Work Plan Returning to the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be easy. Employers and employees will experience a new normal in daily work life. From employee health screening procedures and scheduling employee split shifts to the reconfiguration of workspaces, there are many considerations […]

Aclaimant: The Insight-Driven Workflow Solution for Safety and Risk Management

Photo of Gary Pearce from Aclaimant.

Managing your risk environment with Mason-McBride and Aclaimant As risk advisors, all of us at Mason-McBride see a considerable challenge for today’s businesses: managing their risk environment effectively. We notice that organizations need to keep pace with ever-changing workplace scenarios. It’s difficult! Plus, it’s a never-ending proposition for risk managers, business owners, and employees. Mason-McBride […]

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