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Looking for Condo Insurance in Michigan?

Condo by-laws vary in Michigan, but owners are generally responsible for their liability coverage and the interior of their units. Those who own condos may assume that their homeowner’s association insurance covers incidents like fires, lightning strikes, theft, and vandalism. But It’s likely your association’s insurance doesn’t cover things like your personal belongings and improvements.

Your condo association’s master policy covers damage to common areas and the exterior of the building, but you may need to buy a separate condo insurance policy called HO6. By getting a copy of your by-laws, you’ll know your responsibilities in case of a claim.

We can help you understand the fine print and get you a condo insurance policy that protects your belongings.


Insurance for Town-Homes

In addition, it is essential to understand that some townhomes are insured just like condos and require a H0-6 policy to be in place. Therefore, it is crucial that you have the right kind of insurance coverage if you live in a townhouse.

Mason-McBride is here to help you understand the differences between homeowners policies and condominium policies.


How Much Does Condo Insurance Cost?

Several factors affect the cost of condo insurance. The average price and the type and amount of coverage you need will vary greatly depending on where you live and how much coverage you need. During your free consultation with Mason-McBride, you can review your options and choose the amount of coverage that best fits your needs.


Is Condo Insurance Required?

Most lenders require you to obtain condo insurance to safeguard your financial interests like homeowners insurance.

In fact, even if you have paid off your mortgage and purchased the property outright, you might still be on the hook for condo insurance, as many homeowners associations require it.


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