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Life Insurance is not just a cornerstone of an excellent financial plan; it's one of the best ways to protect the people you care about.

What would happen to your loved ones if you unexpectedly passed away? Would they be able to maintain their current standard of living? How about sending your children to college? Could they support themselves with one income? It is a no-brainer to purchase life insurance if you have a child, are married, or have outstanding debt.

Life insurance helps the moments of your life live on even after you are gone. You can choose a policy to help you pay the mortgage, maintain a current standard of living, pay off debt, or even pay for your children's college education. Life insurance can be there for those you love when they need it the most.

Here are a few other reasons to have life insurance:

  • pay federal death and estate taxes
  • create an inheritance for your heirs
  • pay final expenses


We Make it Easy to Buy Life Insurance

There are a few things to consider when buying life insurance. Do you want Term Life Insurance or Whole Life?

Don't worry if you don't understand the difference. We're here to explain it. Life insurance is based on two main variables: age and health.


Michigan life insurance


How Does Life Insurance Work?

Generally, a life insurance policy is a contract between the policyholder and the insurer. The policyholder determines how much coverage is needed and pays the life insurance company a premium to maintain the policy.

Once a life insurance application is approved, the policyholder would pay the insurance premium in lump sum, annual, semi-annual, or monthly.

If the policyholder passes away, the life insurance company will pay the death benefits in a lump sum to the named beneficiary, as specified in the policy.


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