Business Property Insurance

Looking for Business Property Insurance in Michigan?

Commercial property insurance is essential coverage for business owners, even those running a home-based business. The concept of “Property” can include various things, such as lost income, business interruption, buildings, computers, cash, and valuable papers.

It is important to note that your Liability policy should protect the building from damaging events such as fire, burglary, and vandalism. It is not enough to cover only the building; the aftermath of such a disaster should also be considered.

Mason-McBride will help you find the most suitable insurance coverage for your property.

How is the Cost of Business Property Insurance Calculated?

A large part of determining how much you will be charged for commercial property insurance is based on the value of all your business assets, including your building.

Factors Considered in a Commercial Property Policy

  • Occupancy: What is the nature of your business?
  • Location: Does the area have a history of storms and other natural disasters?
  • Protection: Do you have security measures in place?
  • Construction: Did you construct your building with fireproof materials?

Coverage for Commercial Property in Michigan

There is a wide range of commercial property insurance coverage that you can customize to protect virtually every physical asset your business owns.

Typically, policies can include coverage for any or all of the following things:

  • Your equipment itself, such as computers, tools, and machinery
  • Furniture, fixtures, appliances, and supplies, including desks, chairs, and appliances
  • Items part of your business’ inventory, including food and perishable items

Property Insurance for all Michigan Cities

Our property insurance policies can be customized for any Michigan city, including, but not limited to:

  • Warren
  • Sterling Heights
  • Clinton Township
  • Macomb
  • Auburn Hills
  • Rochester Hills
  • Dearborn
  • Livonia
  • Troy

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Whether you need Business Property Insurance or a combination of coverages, our team of specialists can find a coverage plan that offers complete protection.

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