Aclaimant: The Insight-Driven Workflow Solution for Safety and Risk Management

As risk advisors, we all at Mason-McBride see a considerable challenge for today’s businesses: managing their risk environment effectively. We notice that organizations need to keep pace with ever-changing workplace scenarios. It isn’t easy!

Plus, it’s a never-ending proposition for risk managers, business owners, and employees. Mason-McBride has identified a great solution to this challenge. It’s a risk management solution called Aclaimant. We’ll explain.

The Challenge of Risk Management

When a business experiences an event, that event becomes an incident. Then, the incident develops into a claim. There’s a challenge along this path — proper documentation. This begins with the initial occurrence of the event. Then, document, document, document — it’s necessary.

Overall, managing risk requires constant vigilance and attention to detail. But, unfortunately, there’s also a great deal of that documentation knowledge needed.

Some organizations may have a formal risk management leader or department. Others delegate risk management duties to staff members with unrelated responsibilities. So there’s quite a mix.

Regardless of company size or industry, we always believed there was an easier way to track and document incidents. This was especially true with multiple-location businesses. We found what we were looking for with Aclaimant. And that’s why Mason-McBride partnered with Aclaimant.

Aclaimant Meets Risk Management Challenges

Aclaimant is a software-as-a-service platform that offers organizations simplicity and accuracy. It’s an insight-driven workflow solution for safety and risk management. From event occurrence to payout, plus every step in between, Aclaimant helps identify and protect what’s important.

  • Mobility:  Aclaimant allows businesses to actively manage their risk environment anywhere, anytime, from laptops and mobile platforms. Owners, managers, and staff keep up-to-date and on the same page. The software houses all incident activities conveniently and securely. In addition, we like Aclaimant’s customization and flexibility for each client.
  • Accuracy:  Aclaimant does easy work for non-risk staff assigned these incident-capturing duties. These team members receive a confidence boost in completing incident reports accurately. Removing guesswork, Aclaimant streamlines activities by offering pre-defined questions and workflows.
  • Capability:  Aclaimant offers infinite combinations and lines of questions for recording events. Additionally, it’s highly customizable in its reporting options. As a result, Aclaimant transforms into a unique product for each business.

Risk Management’s Big Picture

We see that when a business uses Aclaimant, there’s incredible power. Insurance carriers and underwriters collaborate and develop relationships with that business’ best practices. Over time, this ultimately drives down claims risk and lowers insurance costs. That’s a tremendous capability found in a single product.

At Mason-McBride, our motto reads, “Risk is Our Business.” We want to take that one step further and say, “Risk is Your Business.” We’re firm believers in you controlling your risk data — not the insurance companies. Aclaimant accomplishes this brilliantly and seamlessly.

We’ve created an informative video about Aclaimant, too.

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