Scott McBride of Mason-McBride Receives Waldo C. Hildebrand Award

Date March 3rd, 2023

Troy, Michigan – Scott McBride of Mason-McBride has been presented with the 2023 Waldo C. Hildebrand Award for his lifetime of service and achievement in the insurance industry. The Big I Michigan presented the award at the 2023 Big I Michigan Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Scott McBride is not only a distinguished professional in the insurance industry but also the third recipient of the Waldo C. Hildebrand Award from the McBride family. The award was previously given to Wayne McBride in 1992 and Mike McBride in 2013. Scott’s recognition further highlights the family’s dedication and commitment to the independent agent’s network.

“As my brother, I’ve always known Scott to be dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about the insurance industry. This award is a well-deserved recognition of his contributions.” Said Mike McBride, CEO of Mason-McBride.  “It’s an honor to be part of a family with such a strong commitment to the insurance industry, and Scott’s recognition with the Waldo C. Hildebrand Award is another proud moment for us.”

The Big I Michigan is a non-profit association representing independent insurance agents in Michigan, with over 600 member agencies and over 6,000 insurance professionals. The association aims to advance the critical role of insurance and essential services independent agents provide, recognizing their contributions to the industry.

About Mason McBride

Mason-McBride is a Trusted Choice insurance agency located in Troy, Michigan, serving all of Michigan, the Great Lakes Region, and beyond. The agency provides insurance solutions for business and individual clients, leveraging over a century’s experience and vast market resources to help clients manage risk and protect their assets.

Scott McBride’s recognition with the Waldo C. Hildebrand Award underscores the agency’s continued success in the industry and its commitment to providing exceptional service to its clients.