Homeowners Insurance

As a homeowner in Michigan, your home is one of your most valuable assets and should be protected!

If damage occurs to your home, you need an insurance company that appreciates its unique value and provides the type of quality service you can only get from a local agent.

With Michigan's four seasons and unpredictable weather, homeowners know there are some things that can't be predicted. While Michigan is not prone to many natural disasters, our frigid winters and susceptibility to severe storms make homeowners insurance essential.

Mason-McBride can help you find the best-tailored coverage and affordable pricing.


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Home Insurance Michigan: Making Sense of It

It can sometimes be challenging, if not impossible, to tell the difference between two home insurance policies if you don't use an independent agent.

Whether you own or rent, home insurance can help protect you financially in the event of a fire, theft, vandalism, or another covered event. For example, you're covered if someone gets injured on your property and wins a lawsuit against you.

Different homeowners policies cover additional losses, have other coverages, and depend on the type of residence you own. So you decide what policy is best for you, whether it's a comprehensive policy that covers fire, hail, smoke, falling objects, vandalism, and theft of personal property or a policy that only covers specified losses.




Best Time to Get Homeowners Insurance?

Before closing on your home, you will need homeowners insurance as required by your lender. The right insurance coverage depends on several factors. When you start your search for homeowners insurance, it’s essential to assess your needs to determine the right amount of coverage.

Our independent home insurance agents will work with you to find the right Michigan homeowners insurance to protect your investment.


Common Home Insurance Coverages

Here are some common coverages you'll find on a policy:

Dwelling Coverage— This is the portion of your policy that covers damages to the actual structure (main house). The cost to replace your home can change based on the cost of raw materials, labor, supply, and demand.

Other Structures — Covers anything on your property that isn't permanently attached to your house, like fences, driveways, sidewalks, and detached buildings like sheds and garages. It's usually 10% of your Dwelling limit, but you can get more coverage if you need

Personal Property Damage— All your stuff is covered, including clothes, furniture, electronics, and appliances. Anything that would fall out if you tipped your house over and shook it.

Loss of Use —Covers your living expenses if you have to live somewhere else because your home is uninhabitable.

Medical Expense —Guests are covered for medical expenses if they get hurt on your property, and in some cases, people are covered for injuries of your property. Health care isn't covered for you or other family members.

Personal Liability — Liability coverage kicks in if someone gets hurt or their property gets damaged, and you're to blame. Consider things like how much you make and what you own when choosing your liability coverage limits. Make sure your liability coverage is high enough to cover your assets in case you're sued.

Scheduled Personal Property — You might need special coverage for jewelry, guns, artwork, rugs, etc.


Michigan Home Insurance Costs

Michigan home insurance costs are calculated using both personal information and external data. Risk factors include past claims reported, insurance scores, the coverage selected, local crime, and natural disasters.

Choosing an insurance policy based solely on price can be risky - as you may not get adequate coverage or the right type of coverage. Instead, remind yourself that purchasing appropriate homeowners insurance is an excellent way to protect your investment in your home.

A licensed professional from Mason-McBride can explain how these factors affect your home insurance rates and provide you with a policy that offers the best protection.


Insurance for all Michigan Cities

Our home insurance policies can be tailored for any Michigan city, including, but not limited to:


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