Should you Consider Umbrella Insurance?

Would you be covered if you were found negligent or liable for someone else's injuries or death? Umbrella insurance is a stand-alone liability policy that provides an additional limit of liability over and above your underlying liability limits on your troy homeowners and auto insurance policies.

Even when we plan for the best, life can be unpredictable. This is where an umbrella policy comes in, providing you with a layer of liability coverage that goes above and beyond to protect your assets.


Benefits of Umbrella Coverage

A Michigan umbrella policy provides additional protection over and above its corresponding policy.

Say, for example, you are in a car accident. Your auto insurance will protect you up to your coverage limits, and umbrella insurance will kick in on top of that.

After an incident, you'll need to file a claim. Your carrier will hire an attorney to represent you during litigation and reimburse you accordingly. It's that simple.


Umbrella Insurance in Troy MI


Cost of Umbrella Insurance in Troy MI

In Michigan, individuals face various risks, so they have different insurance requirements. You will have the opportunity to review your options and determine the level of coverage you need during your free consultation with Mason-McBride.


Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Is this type of insurance something you need to consider as part of your insurance plan?

In short, yes, nearly everyone needs umbrella protection. Maybe you think umbrella insurance is only for people with a lot of money - false! There are many situations where these policies can provide extra safety, security, and peace of mind. Ask yourself these questions.

Do you:
• Own a home in Troy?
• Have savings, retirement accounts, or other assets?
• Have children at home?
• Have students at college?
• Own and drive a vehicle?
• Let others borrow your vehicle?
• Borrow someone else's vehicle?
• Own specialty vehicles, such as a motorcycle, recreational vehicle, boat, jet ski, ATV, or golf cart?
• Do you allow others to ride in, on, or operate your specialty vehicles?
• Own pets or other animals?
• Host parties and guests at your home?
• Volunteer your time and services to a charitable organization?
• Use or rent shared access to a lake, dock, or land?


How Much Does Umbrella Insurance Cost?

In a world where expenses skyrocket, it only makes sense to purchase umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is generally affordable, so it makes sense in most cases.

Most insurance carriers offer coverage starting at around $150 per year. Of course, your policy costs more if you have more cars and homes. However, for the most part, it's pennies on the dollar, and all the risk is on the insurance company. So even if your premium was $300/year, the insurance company is on the hook for at least $1 million.


Work With an Independent Insurance Agent 

As a locally owned Troy business, our clients are at the core of everything we do. We offer homeowners personalized advice and counsel based on our 100+ year history in Michigan.

Since each insurance company has different rates and types of coverage, getting quotes from multiple carriers can help you find the best fit for your needs and budget.

At Mason-McBride, we are proud to have a team of dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable individuals preserving our principles for best-in-class service.

Our  team in Troy has eliminated risk uncertainty with comprehensive insurance solutions for over a century. In addition, we take pride in our shared belief in doing right by the employee, the client, and the community.

When it comes to something as critical as purchasing car insurance, it's wise to work with an agency with in-depth knowledge of multiple insurance carriers and guidelines.


Ready for a Quote From a Local Agent?

We'll compare rates and find you a policy that provides complete protection from unexpected occurrences, whether you require Umbrella Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Flood Insurance, or a combination of covers.

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