8 Things Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

what homeowners insurance doesn't cover

Looking at the list, it may seem like homeowners insurance doesn’t cover anything at all, but that’s not true! Every policy is unique which is why it’s important to discuss your coverage limits in detail with your agent.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover most natural disasters, but if your home is damaged, dwelling coverage may help repay or rebuild your home. Dwelling coverage can include fire, smoke, wind, lightening, and hail damage.

Other coverages that may be included in your policy are Other Structures, Personal Property, and Liability coverage. These coverages will protect sheds, fences, furniture, electronics, a guest’s medical expenses, and legal expenses if you are sued- just to name a few.

It can be confusing to juggle this all on your own; that’s why the team at Mason-McBride is here to help! If you are looking for an insurance quote or have a question about your current policy, contact one of our agents today.